Yoga Academy in Pune, Dharmavirsingh Mahida


yoga teacher: Dharmavirsingh Mahida
location: 23 Kahun Rd Indien Camp Pune 411001 India
contact: Tel/Fax (91) 020 26360162.Email:

ヨガアカデミー イン プーネ、 ダマヴィア


Senior teacher of therapeutic yoga, iyenger style,Dhamavirsingh. The style of his class is that students come and they take props by themself and start to practice by own selves, Dhamavir keep an eye for each students and give advice technically as appropriate. He askes "what do you want to do? What to do next?", and let the students think by themselves, so that some day people can practice in home. the photo above is his publishing "Yoga Illustrated". He doesn't show instruction so much but knows many variations how to use props and body.